Monday, January 26, 2015

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1GB Virtual Ram - For MIUI6 Redmi 1s [ ZRAM+OPTIMIZED SWAP]

Hello RedMens!
As Some of the Users personally seeked me to Create a Memory patch for Redmi 1s...I have Done a Beautiful Script which will add 1GB of Virtual RAM to your Device and You can Perform Heavy Multi-Tasking without any Memory Problems..!

*I CAN'T BE RESPONSIBLE IF ANY BOOTLOOP OCCURS always Proceed with Backup....TRY @ Your Own Risk*

How it Works..?

Only Works on Syhost's MIUI6 Rev1.2 

1.By Default,Our Kernel Supports ZRAM but it should be enabled in Proper way to get used..Our Kernel supports 503MegaBytes..So i Enabled that correctly
2.You know my LaceUp and DOTS Roms have Swap Patches....I have extracted that and Made it Compatible to work with MIUI6

How to Install..?

and Extract it 

You will have 3 zip files...

Boot into TWRP Recovery

Install 1.BusyBox
Install 2.Init.d Enabler
Install 3.ZRAM+Swap Patch

Set MemoryOptimization to None in Developer Settings and also this Mod will not reduce your User Storage
Do Like this

As You see...The Virtual Swap is about 1GBytes - Check the Last ScreenShot..

I Opened 8 Apps UC,Chrome,Playstore,settings,Music,Twitter,Msgr,Camera360 all were running without Restarting

Note: At very First Time after flashing You may feel some Lag because the VirtualRam that you flashed must cache all apps...For that Use your phone as normal for 1hr..Once it Buffers all you can perform heavy multi-tasking with high Speed without any ForceClose and Out-of-Memory Problems....

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