Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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[Custom-ROM] RedMeXtreme - PA Based RedMi 1s ROM

{ROM} RedMeXtreme - Xiaomi RedMi 1s PA Based 
Hello RedMens,

Here I am Proudly presenting you the RedMeXtreme ROM for your Redmi 1s device...By Flashing this You Will Get the Ultimate Battery Backup as well as Performance in Apps and Specially Tweaked for Gaming..!


Lollipop Framework: All the Layouts are made as Lollipop

No Heating Problem - Always the Heat lies Below 35 for Normal Usage Like Whatsapping + Music + Browsing..Heat goes above 35 only when you put the Charge with Wifi turned On..

Excellent Battery Management..
With Wifi Turned on from 100-1 for 7 hrs The Device managed to last for 6 hr 45m (Heavy usage)
With 2G Enabled from 100-1 it Lasts for 7hr 30m (heavy).
The Minimum Screen Time 6Hrs is Guranteed with Wifi or H+
My ROM Testers were able to get more than that I described here...Someone with 2G lasts for 8hr 52m(whatsapp+browsing)..Check the Screenshots below

Swapped Memory..
Never feel that our Device has Low RAM... because the Framework is made to Manage correctly and always you will have 150MB free and the Swap is Enabled for 300MB..When You play immensive Games like GTA the Swap will give you the hand

Sony Apps:
Updated Walkman,Movies,Album

Dolby + Viper4Android Audio Engine (This is the Best Combination)

Patched Adreno Drivers and along with GLTools to Maximize the Gaming Performance and Unleash the Frames by Reducing the Resolution of the Games.!

Flat Style UI,Auto-tint Keyboard(xposed)

Install Custom Fonts as Anything

SuperUser will be no more and it is Replaced by SuperSU

AM/PM Clock Fix(Not with Xposed),Multi-Window Mod,OPO camera,GApps and lots more....

Some the PowerAlgorithms and Profiles are edited inside the Framework To Maximize the Battery and Many Patches are done..


Download & Flashing Procedure: (Never omit any Steps inbetween)

  • Flash TWRP Recovery
  • Take a Backup using TWRP
  • If u used TitaniumBackup before then You must Rename the TitaniumBackup folder in your internal memory to someother name like titaniumold
  • Once You done these Now enter into Recovery and Select wipe-Advanced Wipe
  • Wipe Data,Cache,Dalvik-cache,System
  • Now Restart your Recovery(Must Reboot)
  • Now Select the ROM Zip and add more zips and select GMS_Fix.zip and add more zips and select patchfix2.zip and then Swipe to flash..
  • Once You Done up to this Reboot System
  • Wait until it Loads and after that SuperSU asks Update binary and select Normal (Not Twrp/cwm method).once it done Reboot Again to set the Su binaries get installed..
  • Now launch Titanium Backup and Select Backup/Restore tab and Press Options-BatchActions-Restore All apps with Data(its not ur Data..its all my Tweak Packs) and Press Greentick in TopRight Corner..

if You want Flat Style Ui and Auto-Tint Keyboard then launch Settings-Xposed Installer-Install/Update to install framework and restart.. and see the Flat UI..

Note: until all sync is done you may feel that the device is laggy..once you synced the contacts and all other simply do this Settings-Data Usage-Options-untick AutoSync

Don't Ever edit the SetCPU Profiles and Never Greenify it because SetCPU is the Major part and Made to Work with RedMeXtreme Framework..If U feel laggy in any of ur apps then add ur app into the MiDrain Defender Profile as Shown....

Add Your App By pressing + in Any of these are true Cell

For Gaming I Have not Created the Profile and included..if you are an avid Gamer then I suggest you to Setup the Profile with max freq 1305mhz as Shown below...


1. Calibrate Battery Whenever u r Charging..

To do..Drain Your battery to 1% after that charge till 100% and then Goto Settings-Battery Calibration-Calibrate Battery..Unplug Charger.once you done Reboot Your Phone and now you may lost 2-3% again put charger and reach to 100% and after that just unplug charger and use as normal

2. Untick Prevent Accidental Wakeup in Display Settings otherwise it will always turns on proximity and you will lose some Juice


Viper Kernals Convolver Included in the ROM..Use it with Viper4Android

For Best Audio Clarity without Draining Battery When it asks you to Install Driver. Select High Audio Quality not with Super Audio Quality

and then Enable Master Control in Speaker Tab and Set the equalizer as the given mod and Enable convolver and set Xperia's ClearAudio + after that You will have Nice Speaker Sound without any Distortion Bass


Enable or Disable on-Screen Navigation Bar

Any Comments..? Ask here and You can Whatsapp Me using the Number,which you can see while Flashing ROM..

If You Like to Thank and Take Part in RedMeXtreme Developer Team then..

I would like To Mention Mr.DoyleFermi for his Awesome Support and his ideas to Solve Bugs

Thank You..!


Ashish said...

Hi, Thanks For The ROM. I Want To Try It But MediaFire Is Giving Me Errors In Download. Can You Upload It On Dev-Host Please.

Unknown said...

u r trying to download from Mobile Ryt..? if yes then do this enable desktop mode in ur browser and try again for the captcha code...for best..Download with UC Cloud Download in UC Browser

Anonymous said...

bro hw to take SS and notifications bar is not fully pull down

Ganesh V said...

Dude, I don't find this part...

Now launch Titanium Backup and Select Backup/Restore tab and Press Options-BatchActions-Restore All apps with Data(its not ur Data..its all my Tweak Packs) and Press Greentick in TopRight Corner..

Your tweaks packs to restore

Is it part of the 3 downloads or is it a seperate download?

Thank you.

Unknown said...

It will be extracted when you flash the ROM and it is included in the ROM zip

Vijay said...

Hi Thank you for this ROM, but once after installing this ROM successfully, there is no option to enable flash in camera, please help.

Thank you so much for the ROM and hard work you guys are doing

Unknown said...

How to set up google,WhatsApp and Facebook accounts

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Bro I'm not a techie but I want to try this rom can you help me? I read all your instructions but I confused :( if you're chennai I'm coming to you for flashing my Redmi 1s:P