Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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[Patch] [Hook-Load] Mafia 2 Game - PC Shadow / Sun Flickering / Lightning Fix


Having Trouble with MAFIA II PC due to Shadows or Lightning Effects..?

and Place it in the Folder where mafia2.exe is Located..

Like this

Shadow / Sun Flickering
Patch Fix

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

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KeepSafe - Hide Your Pictures and Videos in a Vault with PIN [FREE-APK]

  1. Do you have photos on your phone or tablet that you don’t want others to see? KeepSafe Vault promises to help keep them safe from prying eyes, in case anyone should borrow, steal or find your device. When you move videos or photos into KeepSafe, they disappear from your device’s Gallery, so the only way to access them is by launching KeepSafe and entering your PIN.
  2. There are several ways of making your KeepSafe content more secure. For example, you can add a password to each KeepSafe album. You can also disguise KeepSafe as an app that scans your system and reports any problems. This means that even if someone is snooping around your device, they won’t immediately suspect KeepSafe contains private photos and videos. Similarly, you can create a decoy version of KeepSafe that you launch by entering a fake PIN.
  3. KeepSafe doesn’t require root access and is free to download from Google Play

Create Your Pin

  1. Create your PIN
  2. When you first launch KeepSafe, you’re asked to create a PIN. Enter a four-digit code, tap OK and then re-enter your PIN. If you forget your PIN, you can recover your account via email, so enter your address and tap Enable. KeepSafe will then send a verification email to this address.

Hide Your Photos

  1. Hide your photos
  2. Enter the code from your verification email into KeepSafe and tap Submit. KeepSafe already contains a default album, but you can create more by tapping the ‘+’ symbol. To add photos to an album, open that album and tap the Import Photos icon. Select your photos and then tap Hide.

Un-hide your photos

  1. Un-hide your photos
  2. To move photos out of KeepSafe so they reappear in your device’s Gallery, find the photo in question and give it a tap so it appears fullscreen. Then, tap the Unhide icon and confirm that you want to move this image out of KeepSafe, by tapping OK.

Share Photos Securely

  1. Share photos securely
  2. You can also use KeepSafe to share photos in a way that means the recipient can view the image for 20 seconds only. Make sure the photo is stored in KeepSafe, then tap the photo so it appears fullscreen. Tap on Share and choose a channel with which to send your image.

KeepSafe’s Settings Menu

  1. Settings menu
  2. On KeepSafe’s main screen, tap the icon at the top left, then Settings. Here, you can perform admin tasks such as changing the email address associated with your account, and your PIN. You can also access some extra KeepSafe options, which are covered in the next few steps.

Automatically Lock KeepSa copy

  1. Auto-lock KeepSafe
  2. If you need to quickly lock KeepSafe, you can enable Face-down Lock so the app locks automatically when you flip your device upside down. KeepSafe’s Settings also contain Pro features, which you can access via a free 14-day trial – to start it, tap any of the Pro features.

Pin Timeout

  1. PIN Timeout
  2. One Pro feature you can access on a free trial basis is PIN Timeout. This keeps KeepSafe unlocked for 30 seconds after you leave the app, so it’s perfect if you’re fed up of having to re-enter your PIN every time your device goes to sleep or you accidentally exit KeepSafe.

Break-In Alerts

  1. Break-in Alerts
  2. Break-in Alerts is another Pro feature. When enabled, KeepSafe automatically takes a photo when an invalid PIN is entered. After three failed attempts, the PIN pad will be disabled for a while. To activate this feature, tap Break-in Alerts, followed by Enable Break-In Alerts.

KeepSafe in Disguise

  1. KeepSafe in disguise
  2. You can disguise KeepSafe as a system-scanning app, by enabling Secret Door. Now, launching KeepSafe will simply display a message informing you that the system scan is complete. To launch the real KeepSafe app from this screen, you need to long-press on the KeepSafe logo.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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APK MULTI-TOOL For KitKat 4.4.x ROMs


APK Multi-Tool by Raziel23x is Not Supported for Kitkat Based APK files..

For Kitkat Based ROM apk files I have Modified the Raziel23x's Original APK Multi-tool to Decompile and Compile APK files without any Problems..!

Required Things

  • Java - JDE,JDK 6 and Above
  • Winrar to Extract
  • Framework-res.apk of Your ROM..

Before Decompiling or Compiling a System APK Place your Framework-res.apk of Your ROM to the "put-your-ROM-Framework-Here" Folder and run "Framework Installer.bat"

Put Your System APKs to "place-apk-here-for-modding" and Do batch Decompile..and You will have your Decompiled apk in "Projects" Folder..!

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Happy Tinkering APK..!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

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LaceUp - RedMeXtreme RC 1.2 ROM - Xiaomi RedMi 1s [Excellent Battery,Beautiful UI,Max Performance]

Hello RedMens..!
Back Again with New ROM....

LaceUP - AOSP Based Custom ROM Features many Customising Options as Other ROMs Have...

The Following Were Some of the Notable Features

Excellent Battery Backup - without Compromising Performance...No Lags even at 787Mhz speed..!...Good for Day Runner!..Check all the Screenshots of Mine and My Beta testers [All are suffled!...Sorry!]


Better RAM Management - By Default the Configuration is Set for Gamers....For others You need to configure VM Heapsize to 256M for multi-tasking By Settings-MemoryManager..

GApps Included - 12/12/14 Release

Walkman + Dolby Engine[Updated One]


MIUI Camera - Same Clarity of MIUI ROM



Increased In-Call Volume and Handsfree Mode Volume to Max..Don't Request me To tune More...!

Notable Customize Options:

Status Bar - Add network Speed,Center Clock,Dynamic Status Bar,Auto - Hide Unused Sim Icon.....

Lockscreen - Notification,GestureLock,Active Display...

Notification - Hover,HeadsUp,Halo[Experimental]

Recents RAM Bar,Add quick Tiles,SlimKat Recents,Chameleon AppBar..

Install Apps to SD,Memory Manager,Enable/Disable Swap Memory as Your own Wish

Some ScreenShots


Download Section
(If U use Phone then Enable Desktop mode on UC or Chrome Browser and Download without any Interrupt)

Download Tweak Patch - 2nd Zip






Revert Back to Default[Flash two ZIPS at SameTime]

Revert To Default - ZIP2

*^Flash at Your Own Risk..and I Cant Be Responsible If You bricked the Device.While Flashing Do the Steps that I Clearly Explained One by One^*

Installation Procedure

  • Take a Full Twrp Backup or Titanium Backup For all Your Apps
  • Use TWRP or PhilZ Recovery...[CWM Not Recommended as It Causes Error in Our Testing]
  • Wipe Cache,Dalvik Cache,Data,System Partitions Alone[Advanced Wipe]
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Install ROM Zip
  • Reboot After that Goto Settings--SuperUser--Set Automatic Response to ALLOW and Disable Logging,Set No Notification
  • Enter into Recovery Again-Flash zip2 Tweak Patch..Reboot System
  • Now You have Titanium Backup and open it..and Give OK to all of its Prompts..!
  • Enter into Recovery Once again..Flash Zip2 OnceAgain..[Now Only the tweak will be Applied]
  • Reboot System..Here the Installation Completes



You need To Flash the Second Zip Twice...
and You can Flash any one Add-on while installing ROM..[It's Your Wish]

Disable Background On-Screen Call Notification by

Opening Dialer-settings(3Dots)-Untick Incoming call in Background

Set Ringtone for Both SIMs Seperately By

Dialer--Settings-SIM card Settings and there You will get the Options to Set Ringtone

Once You done Correctly All Steps You will get a Notification Like This...It is more Simple to install than the RedMeXtreme ROM procedure


1.  Settings-SMS Limit option Wont work

2.  Changing Wallpaper will Take 5-7 Secs to Change in Both Home and Lock screen

3.  Gamers- Add the Performance Profile Quick Tile in Status Bar and Enable Performance Mode and then Play your Fav Game..Once Done Playing Games Revert Back to Balanced Mode and Then Screen Off and Screen On again to Continue...

4.  Dynamic Status Bar - Dark Overlay Wont Work..So Dont Try..use The Gradient Mode Only

5.  Enabling Navigation Bar may cause not to Open Recents From Home hardware Key..Better use at your own Wish and Tell Me..!

6.  NO Theme Support the Themes... I have not Added this To Reduce Memory usage and CPU Loads and to Increase Battery Life
7. Viper and Gravity Box Won't Work With this Framework Don't Try..Dolby is Here to Give You Awesome Experience and All Gravity Box Features are there in The ROM


To Have a better Juice and Reduce Overnight Drain. Do the Following

  • Disable Touch sounds,Touch Vibration Feedback in Sound Settings
  • Some Apps Won't Work if You Restore them With your Prev Data..and Don't say thats a Bug with The ROM...!
  • Disable DayDream,Wakeoff on Plug Services in Display Settings[Recommended - unnecessary services]
  • Dont use Location services and it use them wisely if needed...!
  • For Better Sound in Speaker w/o Distortion Don't Go for the Max...Increase No of Volume Steps and That will help you to adjust between the point level and I Recommend You to turn on VolumeLeveler on Dolby for Loudspeaker
  • Our Redmi 1s is Not a Extra-Ordinary speaker and Dont Expect too much from it - Either You will Get Lower,Quality Sound or Higher,Less Quality sound..I have done what's Best for the Device..Choosing is Yours...

Do Like this..! Set Custom Profile and Set Manual and Tweak like this Peak

Any Comments..? Ask here and You can Whatsapp Me using the Number,which
you can see while Flashing ROM..

or PM me or Tag me With

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Thanks To all Paranoid,Cyanogen,CrDroid,AOSP,Slimkat,OmniROM,Mokee

Devs for all of their Sources...
Thank You..!{:4_117:}