Thursday, November 20, 2014

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[TWEAK-Android 4.4.x] Xiaomi Redmi 1s - Increase Speaker Volume as You want

 All RedMi Owners who were having CyanogenMod 11,Mokee Rom,AOSP,Lollipop Experience ROM can try this and it is Easy to Tweak.

Before Proceeding Take a Full CWM Backup or TWRP Backup for Safety Anycase.
I Recommend TWRP....!

Step 1: Download RootExplorer
Step 2: Grant Root Access
Step 3: Navigate to etc folder which is available in the root or else Navigate to /system/etc/
Step 4: Open mixer_paths.xml with Text Editor not with Viewer
Step 5: Lookout for like this " !path name="speaker"!"

For CyanogenMod,AOSP Users

Step 6: Add this Line as your Fourth Line

and Finally it Will Look like this 

"!path name="speaker">
           !ctl name="SLIM RX1 MUX" value="AIF1_PB" !
          !ctl name="SLIM_0_RX Channels" value="One"!
           !ctl name="RX4 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" !
            !ctl name="RX4 Digital Volume" value="90" !
            !ctl name="SPK DAC Switch" value="1" !
            !ctl name="COMP0 Switch" value="1" !


ignore All ! " symbols Please..For Displaying only I have included 
If you Have that line Means Just Change the Value to 90 [Applicable For Mokee ROM Users]

NOTE: Dont Set above 90 if u want,stick with it by another 1 or else it Will cause Distortion and Speaker will Go Mad..!

Step 7: Save it and Make sure it has the Permission rw-r-r ,If not then Hold mixer_paths.xml and Set Permission rw-r-r as Given Below and give it OK.then Reboot and Test your Speaker Sound

Not Only Redmi People those Who having any other Android Device with 4.4.x ROM can tweak like this...For Redmi it is RX4 but Some May have RX2 or RX3 or any...If you have any Questions then Ask me here.! 

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