Sunday, December 13, 2009

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N-GAGE Version 3.4

N-Gage Official Version for n73 is here

n-gage ready to run the games are you ready for play

you can hear some music when u play the games(running game minimise it & run the music player)
* some of the game not support yet

Installation is us usual
i already told it is official version of n73 if u don't believe try this you can see the n-gage file

Okay it my n-gage now lets start the features

N-Gage Official Version N73 3.4 Presented by +:+Sathesh oo7+:+

Installation menu is like the n-gage trial games downloader

nothing is extra in this n-gage package.

1.Superior Gameplay
2.Perfectly fitted for the BinPDA's Cr***ed Games only not for the other games.Some of the games can works correctly(Trial Version GameS)
3.No Need to install Automated gameplay launcher and other things

Note* If u want to extract the n-gage & install,the shortcut is failed to locate the file(if u close the setup).if u decide "i have to install laterly just do this on desktop right click the shortcut copy the target & paste into address bar of the explorer then press Enter to get the n-gage file.copy the n-gage file to your destination folder wherever.

happy Gaming

npDA 2o10