Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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N-Gage Official Version 3.3

N-Gage Gaming 3.3 +:+Sathesh oo7+:+ NPDA
N-Gage Official Version For n73 Hiddened Content in
I founded the n-gage for n73 in is an incomplete one.
So i completed that.Each every time you when you goto the n-gage app.
Features Added:*
1.P.I.P.S Official Version for N-Gage Taken From developer v1.60
2.Automatic Gameplay when the ram is slow
3.A Stylish N-Gage logo in the skin for the n-gage Game Launcher.If u want your name on your n-gage game launcher contact me
4.With VbAGX you can play all the GBA Games You Can Download GBA Games in my web
5.with VNES you can play all the NES GAMES.
6.With SNES You Can play all the sNes Games
7.A New N-Gage Icon

FIXED HO:COTD Dirk Dagger,etc.....

It is completely UNSIGNED

One Thing:Are you want your name is flashing on your n-gage game launcher like this
I will be give for first ten names in chat box.This is a background skin of is not opening a game

First enter your name or your name with some stylish fonts like in orkut.From 11/6/2009.
Thank You.Whose are use my n-gage
Once again THANK YOU

#@(k t#e #@(K
+_-_-_-_-_-_+ by NPDA Sathesh oo7
Contact Me at
Please Let me know about n-gage 3.3 working on your n73.add your comments in chat BOX!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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WindowsOS on S60v3

Windows 3.1 on Symbian

Download DOXBox v0.72 for Symbian by kolijoco:
DOSBox is an emulator which simulates an IBM PC compatible computer running MS-DOS. It is intended especially for use with old computer games but it can also be used to run many non-game DOS programs, including Windows 3.1!

Download Windows 3.1 for Symbian:
Symbian enthusiast Marcinprv, has managed to successfully run fully functional Windows 3.1 on a Symbian device, mighty Nokia N95 to be precise by using excellent Kolijoco's S60 port of mentioned open source x86 emulator. So, in short, Marcinprv is a tallented guy who managed to even get windows 95 running on DOSBox but all credits goes to Kolijoco and his S60 port of DOSBox!


I. DOSBox v0.72 for Symbian by kolijoco

1. Unpack 'DOSBox_s60.rar' archiwe to your Memory Card
2. Install ALL aplication from 'Install' directory.
3. Try install DOSBox_Full.sisx
4. If show message: 'Not enought memory' install 'DOSBox_Slim.sisx' and replace previous version.

II. Windows 3.1 for Symbian (included Norton Commander 5)

1. Unpack 'Win3.1-on-s60_v1.1.rar' archive to your Memory Card.
2. Run DOSBox.

III. To switch between Windows 3.1 and Norton Commander 5.

1. Go to 'Data' directory on your Memory Card and find 'dosbox.conf' file.
2. Edit file in notepad.

2.1 To run Windows 3.1
# Loader 1 -- Windows 3.1
# mount a e:\Data\win31\ (To install more drivers)*
mount c e:\Data\
mount d e:\

# Loader 2 -- Norton Commander 5.0
# mount c e:\Data\
# mount d e:\
# c:
# c:\nc\nc.exe

* TO install new drivers you need tu put Windows 3.1 installer files to e:\Data\win31 directory.
Edit 'dosbox.conf' file and remove '#' in 'mount a e:\Data\win31\' line.

2.2 Run Norton Commander 5
# Loader 1 -- Windows 3.1
# mount a e:\Data\win31\ (To install more drivers)
# mount c e:\Data\
# mount d e:\
# c:
# c:\Windows\

# Loader 2 -- Norton Commander 5.0
mount c e:\Data\
mount d e:\

2.3 Changed
Added MCGA (320x200) Driver
Added Win32s v1.30c with OLE

IV. Suggestions

1. To switch between the mouse and the keyboard press "Call" key.
2. Turn off automatic screen rotation, it may cause DOSBox close.
3. To change DOSBox allocated 2MB RAM edit line 'memsize=2' in file 'e:\Data\dosbox.conf'.

Screenshot from first installation:

Download Update : dosbox_s60_[23.06.2009]