Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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BOOM BLOX N-Gage 2.0

Go head-to-head with Spielberg’s BOOM BLOX! Slide on ice blocks, blast blocks with bombs, and bounce off springs to solve brain-twisting puzzles and level the playing field. Enjoy non-stop fun as you advance through forty levels and reach your target score. Master the in-game puzzles then design your own custom creations with the level editor. Blast ‘em with BOOM BLOX!

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Pandemonium N-Gage is SIS Version

Pandemonium, starring the hilarious combo of Nikki and Fargus, finally hits N-Gage and will tickle your funny bone while testing your reflexes. Prepare to enter a colourful and mysterious world filled with humorous characters of all shapes and sizes. Nikki is a wizard-in-training with quick reflexes, a quicker wit, and a propensity for acrobatics. Fargus is a slightly deranged jester who argues and cracks sarcastic jokes with his alter-ego a maniacal puppet-on-a-stick named Sid. Together, these two troublemakers roam a wild and woolly world looking for fun and adventure. They make a great team because each character has slightly different abilities which are better suited for some levels. There's plenty of hidden treasure to find and collect throughout this zany game featuring a freestyle 3D camera and brilliantly detailed 3D worlds.
This is my first n-gage in SIS Version Game.I tried to crack the n-gage in .n-gage version but i was failed so i cracked the n-gage to sis version.Securities are removed,Menu Shortcut was created,&save game

When U first time go to the Pandemonium it resume my game so you have to select new game.Movies are also embedded in beginning & Ending of Game.

Thanks A Lot whose are use this game.


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Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms is a game developed and published by Gameloft for the N-Gage mobile gaming service, based on Gearbox's Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 license.

The game is a full 3D third-person shooter.

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Asphalt 3

Asphalt 3: Street Rules- fly directly into your mobile device!In the third part of the most popular racing games on your mobile device you find yourself right in the heart of the world of underground racing.Sit behind the wheel of your car or motorcycle dreams and make a name for themselves in this subculture where respect and you will receive money for the drifts, and collisions.Make your career, passing on the most famous cities of the world at any speed, and earn the status of showing his aggressive driving style.Not the cost of upgrading your vehicle and improve its performance to transform it into a beast of the road.Faced their opponents off the road and has avoided the police roadblocks to attract the helicopters with television, broadcasting your actions on the air!Plunge into the world of Asphalt 3: Street Rules and experiencing the most exciting developments in the race on your mobile device!

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Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed takes place in several high risk and environmentally creepy places including the TIE Fighter Facility Convention, in the mushroom planet of Kashyyyk and of course in Felucia itself. All the three locations are beautifully done and I must admit that this smartphones game is the best symbian game in the history of N-Gage platform in terms of graphics and audio effects. The story line is something to die for cause it is as good as it gets when it comes to Star Wars saga and by every means this symbian mobile game will take mobile gaming to new magnificent heights.

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Creatures Of The Deep

Hooked on Creatures of the Deep is one of those symbian games you simply cannot miss even if you are an occasional mobile phone gamer and you certainly cannot miss playing it at least a hundred times on your Nokia handhelds if you are a hardcore S60 Ngage games addict. It features some of the best 3D mobile game graphics ever seen on a Nokia or a symbian device and it also packs itself with an effective and fun-filled gaming story to follow. So take your N-Gage 2.0 on your hands and start to work those gaming fingers cause it’s about to get quite addictive once you play it for the first time. Hooked on Creatures of the Deep is a semi role playing semi objective oriented game in which you have to catch different kind of fishes and climb up the ladder of the fishing experience to ultimately gain the championship cup of that country. It takes place in four countries including Costa Rica, Thailand, Alaska and in the Scotland.


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One N-Gage

The One
Size:12.80 MB
OS:9.x Supplier:Digital Legends

ONE- the second part of the wonderful game (the first part of the first N-Gage is also known as the ONE).Outstanding graphics, high-quality engine - this is not the only advantages the game, but even this is enough for success!
Create a player increase his experience in the game for Bluetooth, enter tournaments.One does not have (Martial Arts it is certainly not rival: D), and I think the game will be a long delay and will bone of the hits.
One of the main chips ONE - opportunities changing his fighter.There are dozens of pants, shoes, jackets and shirts of hair, tattoos, gloves, various accessories and appearance items, such asa beard, or scars.During the passing game, you'll discover all the new details.Est opportunity to fight with a truncheon.
All traffic in the game written with real actors via Motion Capture, which gives amazing realism!

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